The Latest PLAZA game released – Valhalla Hills Fire Mountains

PLAZA has released the game “Valhalla Hills Fire Mountains” for Windows . Enjoy

You spent your whole life in service to the gods of Asgard. You died an honorable death. You earned your place in the halls of Valhalla.
But when you knocked on its gates to receive your final reward, none answered. Odin has turned his back on your people. He underestimates the Viking spirit. He underestimates you.

Force their hand as you lead your people past the dangers waiting on Valhalla Hills and fight to prove your honor, your strength, your worthiness. Look after your Vikings, gathering food, chopping wood, and mastering the complex economics of wilderness survival.
Reach the portal at the top of each mountain, and shout your battle cry loud enough for the gods to hear.

If they will not give your people the reward you all deserve, then by your axe, you will take it from them.


  • Be prepared for randomly generated levels with various challenges
  • Look after your Vikings’ needs
  • Improve constantly, use your knowledge and achievements for the next map
  • Earn your place in Valhalla, for your Vikings and yourself

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Developer: Funatics Software
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Release name: Valhalla.Hills.Fire.Mountains-PLAZA
Size: 1.5GB
Links: Steam – NFO – NTi

Download: NitroFlare( Part1 | Part2 )

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